Pre Natal (after 12 weeks of pregnancy )  - 1hr  £47
Pre natal massage therapy is a beneficial treatment to help mother relax and de-stress. with the new changes to the body the weight of carrying baby mother may suffer from swelling feet and painful back aches. This massage will help lowered anxiety, decreased back and leg pain. Help Improved sleep and decreased levels of the stress hormone noradrenaline.
Increased levels of the "feel-good" hormones serotonin and dopamine
Decreased levels of cortisol, an indicator of stress
An overall improvement in mood


Post Natal (after 12 weeks of birth)  - 1hr  £47
A post natal massage eases stresses that come from a new mother's rapid transition from a pregnant body after birth (lack of sleep, new muscle movements, getting back into pre-pregnancy shape). This massage improves circulation throughout the body, reducing the post-partum swelling that many women experience. 
A massage can help a new mother with proper stretching of tight, sore muscles, easing muscular tension and prolonging the massage's benefits.
Most new mothers suffer from back pain that comes from new, repetitive movements - bending, lifting, carrying and balancing baby. The massage addresses back tension as the body adjusts to its new set of daily tasks. It's important that new mothers take time to care for themselves and this massage relaxes body and mind.
Baby Massage (babies 6 weeks and older) - 1hr  £40
Baby massage is gentle massage therapy helping you to bond with your newborn, giving you confidence and guidance allowing you to get into a routine of wellbeing for both of you.
The ways baby massage can benefit:


"I have had the privilege of receiving a range of wonderful treatments at Hands on Holistics and  I can honestly say these have been the highest quality treatments I have ever received (and I have a vast experience of holistic treatment and massage). 


From booking to treatment, I was met with a warm, friendly and professional manner and the treatments themselves have always exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, relaxing, rejuvenating and peaceful. The treatment room is immaculate, extremely hygienic and the oils used are of the purest and best quality. Your privacy and comfort is ensured at all times and the entire experience is that of a relaxing spa getaway. I am single a mum of one and so extremely busy and can get quite stressed. However, a simple visit to Hands on Holistics is sure to wave a magic wand over your everyday stresses and transport you to a heavenly idyll away from everything. Thank you so much, I have already highly recommended you to everyone I know!"

 Ms K. Mal Preston