Holistic Counselling  


Holistic Counselling  - 1hr - £65

Holistic Counselling views the human being as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. A holistic health practitioner works to provide highly individualised services that take care to ensure that treatment is applied for the benefit of one aspect of a person's well-being.


In a person's life, there may be times when they are in need of support from the people around them. A person who is in a time of trouble may seek the support of friends or family - sometimes this support is not enough. Our holistic health practitioners are trained in providing counselling that puts life problems into a holistic perspective.




I have had counselling with different therapists over the years and spent a fortune. This lady is a professional and a very experienced counsellor. She actually listened to me and provided me with self-help methods to apply to my daily well being routine. I would recommend block booking, money well spent. My life improvement started almost immediately.

Anonymous .Stourbridge 

Excellent confidential counselling service., affordable and trustworthy therapist.Thank you for being there. Finally making sense of everything.

Anonymous . Kidderminister